5 Tips for Building a Solid Press Target List

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There are so many outlets reporting entertainment news these days, but not all of them cover every project. Some focus on film, others TV, or stage and even digital projects have specific Reporters writing about the latest releases. So, it’s smart for you to have a solid Target list before starting any press campaign.

I always encourage my clients to share with me any outlets that they want to focus our efforts on…because my goal is to help you gain attention from the press outlets you want. Whether you work with a PR pro or take a Do-It-Yourself approach, it’s just good business practice for you to have an idea of some of the outlets that you’re interested in landing in.

Not sure where to start?

Here are a few tips to help you understand how to Build a Solid Press Target List:

Who Will Care

The first step is figuring out exactly who will be interested in your news. The easiest way to do that is to get familiar with which press outlets are already covering the type of projects you’re booking…or ones you’re expecting (hoping) to book. For example, if you’re mostly working in television these days, then you’ll want to build a list of TV Reporters.

Do Some Research

The fastest way to discover outlets is to search online. If you recently shot a role on a TV show, but it hasn’t aired yet…then use it to build a TV Target List. Search for stories about this specific show and start a list of outlets that have written about it. Include details about how they covered the project, making a special note of those that have written about the guest cast. Also, write down the Reporter’s name and their contact info, submission email or if they have a form on their website to send a story idea. These outlets and individual Reporters will become the core of your TV Press Target List.

Get a Jumpstart

Don’t have any recent TV bookings? That’s okay…you can still build a Target List in advance. Look up some of the TV projects that you’ve been auditioning for, but just haven’t booked yet. Most of the time, these casting offices will keep bringing you back until you book a role, so there’s a real possibility you’ll land on that show.

Be Specific

No one said you can only have one Target List. In fact, I suggest you create a list for each type of project you plan to work on in the near future: indie films, web series, studio movies, Broadway, and more. Also, think about the genre you’re working in. If it is a unique one, like sci-fi, horror, geek/fanboy, then there could be a whole set of press outlets and Reporters that cover anything related to this genre. It’s all about getting specific.

Project Creators

If you’re also creating your own projects, then building a press list should start early on in the pre-production process. This will also help you to understand exactly where your potential fans live online, so you can learn more about their viewing habits and expectations.

Overall, it’s never too early to get started building a solid Press Target List. It’s simply a matter of understanding how to pull together a list of outlets and Reporters that will be your ‘Best Bets’ for gaining attention for your work.




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