#PRTips4Actors: Create Smart Quotes Reporters Will Love to Rip + Print

#PRTips4Actors - quotes

Reporters love to include smart quotes in their articles. And, by smart, I mean something that isn’t generic…boring…or simply uninteresting.


However, Reporters don’t always have time to conduct an interview to get a good one. That’s why inserting a solid quote into your press release can give Reporters something useful to rip + print – so they never miss a deadline.


But, I realize that many actors aren’t exactly sure how to craft a good quote. And, sometimes you’re limited by a non-disclosure agreement, so you’re not allowed to talk about certain things in advance.


This is why I always suggest you craft a quote that shares something about your experience. This helps you to share unique tidbits while not giving away anything that could get you in trouble.


While you might not be able to reveal the storyline or how your character fits into the plot, you can express how you felt working on the project. You can also discuss how it was working opposite the other actors. Perhaps reveal a bit about the director’s working style or offer a relevant acting tip you learned while the cameras were rolling.


My biggest tip is you should avoid a generic statement like “everyone was great to work with”. This doesn’t really say anything fresh or interesting to the reader…which is what Reporters are looking for.


Your quote doesn’t have to be long…2-4 engaging sentences are perfect. The key word is engaging. Fans want to feel like they’re getting details that they wouldn’t otherwise have access to.


Also, be sure your quote is related to the project that you’re currently promoting. You don’t want to confuse a Reporter or your fans by talking about something else.


Overall, spend the time to create savvy quotes for your press releases – you’ll be glad you did. And, you can quote me on that!




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