#PRTip: Share A Story

#PRTip - funny story long

One of the hardest things to do during an interview is to captivate your audience.


You want to gain fans, but you also need to share the details about your latest project. Try too hard…and you run the risk of looking desperate. Take a more casual approach…and you can come off as uninterested or even a jerk.


Do yourself a favor and prepare for an interview by determining in advance a story or two from the set to share. It can be about something exciting that happened in-between takes, a silly moment during the downtime or something you learned from working opposite a recognizable star.


These are the experiences that only someone who was actually there can deliver. So, they set you up as an “insider” and satisfying fans wanting to know more about the exciting world of entertainment.  


Quick Tip: keep a journal close by when you’re working on a project. This way you’ll be able to jot down a few ideas, bullet points or quick stories to share later.


Fans always want to hear about what happened when the camera wasn’t rolling…and nothing will satisfy them more than a good story.




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